Recreational Racquets

MIZUNO BF TECHNOBLADE 699   The 4 point inner wave easy to control all-round type, suitable for attack and defense entry-level carbon fiber feather racket threading and RB MARK have been attached.  LENGTH: 675mm WEIGHT/SIZE: 4U5 FLEX: Medium BALANCE: Head Light Head Heavy MAX TENSION: 24lbs CONSTRUCTION: Carbon Fiber Comes with...
₱5,035.00 ₱5,035.00
BF DURALITE 68 W/FC 6U5 FeatherliteAeroBoxDesigned to reduce drag yet maintain the structural integrity of a traditional box frame, The AeroBox Frame results in a faster swing. LENGTH: 675mm WEIGHT/SIZE: 6U5 FLEX: Flexible BALANCE: Head Heavy []-I-I-l-I Head Light MAX TENSION: 28lbs CONSTRUCTION: Japan HMG
₱2,949.00 ₱2,949.00
MIZUNO BF CARBO PRO 803  Hexagon V-Frame  and Nano Power SPECIFICATIONS: LENGTH: 675mm WEIGHT/SIZE: 4U5 FLEX: Medium BALANCE: Balanced MAX TENSION: 30lbs CONSTRUCTION: Japan HM Graphite
₱2,949.00 ₱2,949.00
MIZUNO BF CARBO PRO 801 GRIP 5 Cover: Full Cover Strung Type:- Unstrung Grip Size: G5 - 3 Inches Weight: 82 g Head Shape:- Isometric Shape Beam Width:- 200 mm Unstrung  
Aluminum/Steel Racquet Specifications:  Aluminum Frame Steel Shaft String With Half Cover Color: Blue/Silv/Red/Ylw