Mizuno MT 75 Super Durability Badminton String SpecsMODEL NO: MZ-ST2007LENGTH: 10mGAUGE: 0.75mmCORE: Special Synthetic MultifilamentOUTER: Special Braided Synthetic FibreCOLOR: White, Pearl Silver, Orange, Baby Blue, Purple MT75 has a good shock absorption with solid feel combined with excellent durability. Good playability and ultimate durability.
₱435.00 ₱435.00
MIZUNO MZ63 SUPREME FORCE SpecsMODEL NO: MZ-ST2010LENGTH: 10mGAUGE: 0.63mmCORE: High Intensity MultifilamentOUTER: Polymer PU ( Low Temperature Treatment)COLOR: White, Baby Blue, Pink, Red, Cream Gold A unique heat- resistant Polymer Pu monofilament is braided over the high intensity Multifilament core to provide a faster repulsion, greater control and a superb...