Mizuno Wave Claw 3 Badminton Shoes

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Mizuno Wave Claw 3 Badminton Shoes

This updated WAVE CLAW model offers all-around improvement to already-excellent features. Although 10 grams lighter than the previous model, it is softer and more comfortable due to tweaks to the shoe opening spongey area, the new Dyna-Eyelet Wrap structure that envelops the foot, and cushioning that supports lunges. The shoe also offers enhanced functionality with the all-new MIZUNO ENERZY NXT for amazing cushioning and energy return.

Footwear information:

MODEL NO: 71GA244311

COLOUR: Dress Blues/Carrot Curl/Black

WEIGHT: 315g (U)


This shoe is about 10 grams lighter than the previous WAVE CLAW 2 model. This shoe achieves a more comfortable fit through review of the position and thickness of the sponge around the shoe opening. It offers support for playing comfortably and stress-free until the end of the game.

More functional:
The forefoot is equipped with the new functional material MIZUNO ENERZY NXT. The shoe provides soft cushioning and high energy return.

An even better fit:
The newly functional Dyna-Eyelet Wrap, an eyelet structure with large cut-outs, provides a fit that feels like it wraps the entire foot.

The WAVE CLAW lightweight, speed series has been updated to offer a new fit, light weight, cushioning, and comfort. This shoe is more comfortable, quicker, and will help you freely move across the court until the end of the

Mizuno Wave Claw 3 Badminton Shoes

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