Mizuno MZ80 Repulsion Power Badminton String

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Mizuno MZ80 Repulsion Power Badminton String

String information
COLOUR: White, Black, Orange, Green 
LENGTH: 10m (33ft)
GAUGE: 0.68mm
CORE: High Intensity Multifilament
OUTER: Polymer Modulus ZXION Fibre

The high-modulus "ZXION" fibre is an extremely advaanced polyarylate fiber that has superb tensile strength and elasticity, which is wrapped over a strong multifilament core. This combination results in a highly durable string for powerful smashes and an outstanding hitting sound. 

ZXION is a trademark of the LCP filament by KB Seiren, Ltd
Material from Japan

Mizuno MZ80 Repulsion Power Badminton String

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