Mizuno Gate Sky Plus 4 Badminton Shoes

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Mizuno Gate Sky Plus 4 Badminton Shoes

Beginning and intermediate level players who long for Mizuno‘s top model will love this shoe that learns from the best. Its design is linked to Mizuno‘s iconic WAVE CLAW 3. The half bootie structure is light yet offers an excellent fit. The lateral support parts made from artificial leather boost lateral movements during intense play.

Footwear information:

MODEL NO: 71GA242104

COLOUR: White/Black Oyster/Fuchsia Purple

WEIGHT: 300g (U)


Half bootie structure - The upper and tongue are connected by a single piece of mesh to improve the fit while maintaining a light weight.

Lateral support parts - Artificial leather parts are placed at the outer instep of the forefoot to support lateral movements during intense footwork.

Design link- The design is linked to the WAVE CLAW 3 top model, which will delight all players who yearn for a top model shoe.

More than 90% recycled content on upper body synthetic leather base fabric and sockliner lining. Undyed sockliner lining textile for reducing water consumption.

For players who yearn to own a top model shoe. A shoe that is one rank higher than the entry level model.

Mizuno Gate Sky Plus 4 Badminton Shoes

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